Certhon at World Expo Milano


The World Expo is organised once every five years and attracts over 20 million visitors. This year it is being held in Milan from 1 May – 31 October 2015. The theme of this World Expo is: ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’

With 150 participating countries, the World Expo is the biggest global event focusing on the sector in which the Netherlands – and in particular the South Holland region – is a leading player. Because, if all the agricultural and horticultural acreage worldwide was as productive as that of the Netherlands, the world would produce at least three times as much food, using a fraction of the amount of water, energy and pesticides. We know how to apply this technology in all climate conditions, from the desert to the Arctic Circle. With our logistic capacity, we can attract food flows from all over the world and use multimodal transport to distribute it daily all over Europe and beyond. This means that the Netherlands, and in particular the horticultural sector, will play a crucial role in feeding 9 billion mouths in 2030. On 25 September, this story will be told to the world in the seminar ‘Smart Fresh Food Solutions’.

On this date, the theme of the Dutch Pavilion programme is all about the Next Economy. The Municipality of Rotterdam, the Province of South Holland, Best Fresh Group, Koppert Biological Systems, Koppert Cress, Priva, Rijk Zwaan, Certhon, Smiemans Projecten, GroentenFruitHuis and the Rabobank warmly invite you attend.

You are invited to take advantage of priority registration and guarantee your seat. You will not only be able to attend the seminar and receive a ticket for the World Expo. You will also be invited for a meal in Milan city centre, followed by a symposium about the Next Economy with Jeremy Rifkin and Maarten Hajer.

Programme 25 September

Locations: World Expo Milan, Dutch Pavilion and Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci (Via San Vittore 21) Time: 12:00 PM* From 12.00 hrs, you are welcome to join us for lunch at the Dutch Pavilion and we would advise you to visit Pavilion Zero for insight into global food issues.

* At 13.00 hrs, the Smart Fresh Food Solutions seminar will begin. The seminar features speakers like Sjaak van der Tak, Jaap Smit, Maarten Struijvenberg and Tjerk Gorter who will talk to you about the solutions offered by the fresh sector for the global food problem.
* In the evening, the Municipality of Rotterdam invites you for a meal in Milan city centre. This will be followed by a symposium about the Next Economy in the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci during Italy’s day of science. Speakers will include Jeremy Rifkin and Maarten Hajer.

The number of participants in this programme is limited, so the first come, first served principle will be applied. You can make your interest in this event known at Rotterdam@wem2015.nl.
More information about the South Holland Region programme at the World Expo in Milan is available at WEM2015.nl.

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