Climate cell ready for sale


Climate cell ready for sale

The mobile climate cell container of Certhon was the eyecatcher on the last Horti Fair in the RAI in Amsterdam. The sensational container was fully equipped with LED lighting, chilled ceilings and a air treatment system. In short, all the elements for a perfect environment where the plants visibly grew well. The climate chamber attracted an unprecedented number of interested visitors.

"After the successful realization of the project with four climate cells at lettuce growing operation “Deliscious”, many visitors at the HortiFair were very curious about this product" says Martin Veenstra on behalf of Certhon and responsible for the sale of the climate cells. "After the show, we have not been idle. We worked hard on the lay-out of two types of containers, one for 20” container (six meters) and one for a 40” container (twelve meters long). "

The containers are developed in cooperation with interested customers, who plan to do tests with their specific crops at their premises. Also “Deliscious” did an extensive testing process, before they were ready to invest in a large-scale climate cell project. "That should also be the approach" Veenstra says "only after the testing period can be determined which specific goals a grower can achieve and what techniques should be linked."

By growing cells in several interesting results can be achieved. For example, the acceleration of the propagation time, as well as control of the production process. Grafted vegetable plants develop more vitality and it stimulates rooting of various kinds of cuttings. "The largest benefit is that a climate cell provides year round uniform quality of the crop" summarizes Veenstra "and one can continuously meet the demands of customers."

Certhon continues to innovate with the developments of cultivation in climate cells under LED lights. "Innovation is not without a reason an important part of the dna of the company. We continue to lead the way" concludes Veenstra.

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