Remarkable greenhouse in South Korea


In the South Korean city Gosan Certhon recently completed a new turnkey project. The greenhouse of Jeonbuk project is fully equipped for growing peppers. The nursery measures over one hectare and is characterized by the appearance and stunning location.

Situated in a mountainous area the entirely white powder coated greenhouse structure directly attracts the attention. Due to the increased light reflection it was the explicit wish of the owner Mr. Kwon to apply the greenhouse structure with a white powder coating. It tempted him to express the statement “The most beautiful greenhouse of South Korea has been built in Gosan.”

The greenhouse has been applied with a sustainable heating system. By application of a heat pump system the greenhouse can both be heated and cooled. This low grade heat is also used for the double growth pipe heating system.

The first plants have been planted in the first week of October, which is giving the ‘white’ greenhouse an increasingly ‘greener’ appearance.

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