South African growers visit Solar project


Several South African growers have visited a solar energy project in Kenya by invitation of Certhon. At Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd., a solar energy station runs successfully since 2010, where water gets heated to heat the greenhouse.

Due to the low temperatures at night, it’s strictly needed to heat the greenhouse. Before 2010, only kerosene was used therefor. Currently, Stokman uses ‘free energy’ of sunlight, which water gets warmed up. This hot water is stored in a completely isolated heat storage tank. With this heat, the greenhouse becomes warmed up at night.

“Our customer is satisfied about the last years en not least because the saving of kerosene,” tells export manager Rob de Wit. “Earlier, Stokman sometimes uses 1400 liter kerosene per night! Currently, he used a maximum of 400 liter. A confirmation of the saving of 1000 liter per night! According to Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd. the period of return on investment for this project is two years!”

De Wit explains it’s necessary to heat greenhouses at night in several places in South Africa, in order to reducing diseases and increase production. “The South African growers were impressed by the simplicity and robustness of the system, which is nearly free of maintenance.”

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