Start realisation of Phytotron facility for Rijk Zwaan


Certhon has started its activities for the realisation of the new Phytotron facilities at Rijk Zwaan Seeds at Fijnaart, The Netherlands. This Phytotron consists of several separate climate chambers and will be used by Rijk Zwaan for the research and development of several varieties of seeds. Certhon is responsible for the climate control and lighting installations.

Last Friday, Certhon has delivered and installed the heat storage tank for this project. Earlier Certhon installed the floor heating system and transport lines from the existing greenhouse nursery. This completes the installation of the first key components of the Phytotron facility. A unique feature is that excess heat from the greenhouse will be re-used to provide heating in the Phytotrons climate chambers.

In later stages of the building process the air treatment and distribution system will be installed marking the final stages of the installation of this specially designed climate control system. Finally, Certhon will install the illumination systems consisting of different types of lighting including High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescent lamps.

This project is Certhons next step in its activities in designing and realising tailor designed and built growth chambers. Certhon offers growth chamber options for plant research and production as well as mobile solutions. Recently Certhon realised a multi-layer growth chamber for the Deliscous lettuce greenhouse nursery in The Netherlands. In this growth chamber lettuce young plants are grown in a completely controlled environment without day light using LED lamps.

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