Gebr. Zwinkels

New construction of two greenhouse blocks (100.000 m2) with a technical room. In addition, we were responsible for the heating system, the electrotechnical control system and lighting.
We have realized:

  • Two separate greenhouses of 50.000 m2 each;
  • A Venlo type greenhouse with a trellis width of 8 m (2 x 4 m), a bay size of 5 m and a post height of 5,80 m;
  • A centrally located technical room.
  • The complete boiler house plant with a boiler capacity of 11.650 kW;
  • A CO2 dosing system;
  • A pipe rail heating system and a grow pipe heating system;
  • The connection of two CHP systems, each with a capacity of 2.100 kWe;
  • A vertical heat storage tank with a capacity of 2,000 m3;
  • 6.020 luminaires with remote control (the reflector and bulb are suspended on top and the switch gear is suspended under the cultivation gutter);
  • An illuminance of 123 μ mol/m2/sec, switchable in 2 light levels, fed by means of two CHP systems in combination with 4 transformers which are placed around the CHP;
  • The electrotechnical equipment is controlled by the CAN BUS system, which combines the required illuminance with the available power and thus controls both the lamps and the CHP.
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